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Our Story

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Over 100 years ago, in a small farm town in Minnesota, the PYES crust recipe was first scribbled on a humble little recipe card. The flakey pillow of crisp golden flour crust was carefully crafted to encase seasonal flavors of sweet blueberry, tart rhubarb, juicy strawberry, and honeycrisp apple.

The tradition of pie-making had been passed down generation to generation far before fancy recipe cards were introduced. A warm oven-baked pie had long been the de facto dessert at family reunions, Father’s Day celebrations, Fourth of July holidays, and just-because-I-love-you days.

The irony of the instructions memorialized on the first recipe card was that Great Grandma Tanchen had intentionally scrambled the recipe with her cryptic scribbles. She wasn’t about to let a centuries old family secret be spoiled by “modern” recipe card technology.

The real recipe is only allowed to be passed down orally. And, in doing so, each generation swears an oath of secrecy.

It is only by technicality and serendipity that the family secret is being shared with you to taste.

Technically, every person we serve we consider to be part of our family.
Serendipitously, a homesick son in Southern California met a soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Jessica, that won the heart of the current keeper of the family recipe, Chanda, and was entrusted with the family recipe.

Jessica added a California citrus twist to the traditional Midwestern pie filings and started sharing pies with loved ones in Southern California. What started as one pie for Thanksgiving grew to three pies at Christmas and ten pies for the winter bake sale, and as if the wheat flower had sprouted up a business, PYES Bakery was born.

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Our Pies

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Our signature fruit PYES are made with organic ingredients, typically have a twist of citrus to amplify the taste of the fruit, and are known for being just the right amount of sweet.


BLUEBERRY PYE: Organic blueberries, twist of lime.

STRAWBERRY RHUBARB PYE: Organic strawberries, rhubarb (a Minnesota favorite), orange zest.

APPLE CRUMBLE PYE: Organic apples (favorites include Honeycrisp, Granny Smith, Haralson), twist of lemon.



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“Fresh-baked pie is one of those special foods that universally makes people feel that they are loved.”

– Jessica Riddy

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